Saturday, January 24, 2015

Merit Badge College 2015

This year I decided to enter the contest for the MB college patch design again.
I have won two times before, so I decided to give it another try.. the prize was a $30
gift card.  I am trying to earn enough money to buy an XBOX One! So a gift card would come in

Here was my submission...  A lot of cutting and pasting and cutting out by hand, coloring in backgrounds etc..
this was my end result...a collage of  Scouts following the trail to get to Eagle....

Another submission I entered was this one..

I really like that one with the Longhorn..Since we are in Texas!

There were a total of 8 submissions for the contest....
and the winner is...


Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Braided Scout Hiking Stick

Since I was in scouting, I have seen these cool hiking sticks with
medallions and knots and stuff on them. The local scout shop has one and I have admired it many times. It's kind of a bragging stick.
well- I wanted one!
One day I came home from school, and my mom presented me with
my own stick! Yeah...She made this! pretty darn cool.
She says she just made up the knots on the back, and it looks sort of braided. She used parachute cord leftover from making those survivor bracelets. 
The stick has my ranks on it, and the most recent OA medallion, and the last spot reserved at the top for my Eagle medallion!
           My most prized possession. I love it-Thanks Mom. :)
When I asked her how she knew how to do the knots and braiding, she said
"I just knew how to do it, I'm a scout Mom".. 
I guess its like how she sees everything going on behind her
head without ever looking around.. wierd....

Mosquito Net PVC Frame


Summer camp is coming up and man I hate them bugs!

The previous frame I made was fine, but it didnt fit in the tent too
well, it seemed boxy and coffin-like. Because of the angle of the tent.
I was not using the headspace that I could have, so I re-designed my
frame to make a higher entry and using the shape of the tent as my guide.

These are my measurments, you can nip and tuck to suit your needs
or your cot size. (I used a standard cot from Bass Pro).
This is MY frame that I made for summer camp- It does work great and you can
hang a tent fan on the crossbars.


You will need 4 - 10ft pcs of 3/4" pvc pipe and fittings
10 "T's"
4 Elbows
4 End caps for legs

Completed Project

I plan on hanging my tent fan and light from the middle
overhead crossbars

Picture #2

Picture #3
               Cut a 2" pc of pvc to connect the elbow to the "t"


Mosquito Net PVC Frame

Cutting sizes:
Legs: 29" x 4
Top Leg Extension 18" x 2
End bars 30" x 2

Top Frame Assembly
horizontal pcs 25-1/2" x 4
horizontal pcs 5-1/2" x 4
Verticle Crossbar supports 34" x 3

to connect the "T" to the Elbows on the end you will
need to cut 2 pvc pieces 2". (see above picture#3 of the end assembly)

Hope you stay bug free!

Thursday, January 26, 2012

My Brothers Eagle Project

My Brothers Eagle project benefitted the Rodgers Wildlife Rehabilitation
Center in Hutchins, Texas. We built a 15x9x12ft high structure
to house injured hawks or other injured birds.
It was a great experience!

Merit Badge College 2012

This year in Merit Badge college, I took Computers, Art, and Chess,
This blog was created to complete on of the requirements in Computers, and for the most part I find this Merit badge pretty easy!
I also took Art. Now I suck at Art, but the requirements dont look that bad, and my mom has a one whole wing of the house dedicated to teaching classes in papercrafts, painting. So hey, I know I have the materials and the backup help to get that one done. I will post the pics of the art I did. Im pretty pleased with them. You have to pic a subject and then choose 4 different mediums to draw it in. I found a clip art of an Eagle I liked. (since my Eagle board of review is in 2 weeks, I chose that). then I traced it and used my 4 methods. I think my favorite was the Acrylic paint and the watercolor. Pastels was a really big mess!

Art-Merit Badge

This is my subject for Requirement # 3-An Eagle
I picked 4 different mediums. If you choose to use
soft pastels, when you are done, use an aerosol hairspray
to SET it. It wont rub off then and have smudges all over
your completed picture.


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